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Our Click Funnel Marketing Programs Range From A Few Hundred To A Few Thousand Dollars Depending On Your Needs & Budget.

We Will Customize A Program That Will Be Cost Effective and Make Sense To Help You Grow Your Business In A Way You Never Thought Possible!
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What Is Funnel Marketing?

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Basically, your marketing funnel is made up of several stages through which would-be customers move from first awareness of your brand to post-sale evangelism. It’s the process of converting a visitor or browser into a paying customer.

Think of pouring rice through a funnel: a lot goes into the top but only a trickle comes out the bottom. That’s how leads pour into a funnel: a lot of interested people go into it, but a much smaller number of people come out the other end — with your product in their hand.

Some business owners are moving away from the term “marketing funnel” because they think it’s too mechanical or simplistic to describe the lead nurturing sequence by which customers move from awareness to purchase.  We think it’s still a useful way to describe a complex process and it’s a good visual to imagine the entire process from start to finish.