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OK Dispensaries & Cannabis Businesses


GreenerGrass Digital Specializes In Oklahoma Dispensaries & Cannabis Businesses

Often Referred To As The "Wild West of Weed" the state of OK is a much more saturated market than any other state in the US. There are about 4000 dispensaries in OK which is far more than the 900 or so in CA. This is because of the low barriers for entry and a fairly hands-off approach by state officials. Entrepreneurs have poured into OK from around the US because it costs just $2,500 to get started, compared to $100,000 or more across the state line in Arkansas.

Because the OK market is so crowded with Cannabis entrepreneurs there is a much-greater need for a comprehensive online marketing plan done by professionals who know how to put your Cannabis business on the map and in the game. Get Higher with GreenerGrass Digital 

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The Upcoming March 7th OK Vote To Legalize Recreational Marijuana Will Be A Gamechanger In The OK Industry

Once Recreational Marijuana becomes legal in OK as well, it will create an even more urgent need for your Dispensary or Cannabis Business to stand out from the crowd and get your brand out to the Cannabis consuming OK masses. Get Higher with us BEFORE the market becomes even more saturated and you'll be in a much better position to build the customer base & customer loyalty that you want. 

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