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Legal Cannabis 

We provide Cashless ATM (Point of Banking) solutions with Traditional Retail Rates to support your Cannabis business. These solutions support PIN based card Debit & Credit Card transactions. This gives your customers the ability to pay with their cards at the point of sales, increasing customer spending on every purchase transaction and saving you thousands per year in processing fees


The Cost of Cash - Cash vs Cards

There are so many disadvantages to having a "Cash Only" Cannabis Business not only involving cost but logistics and safety as well. Having an excessive amount of cash on hand automatically puts a big target on your shop for obvious reasons. The cost of safes, security systems, armed guards are exorbitant and eat up a large portion of your profits. Not to mention the cost of hiring employees to manage and handle your on-site cash. 90% of all losses in the Cannabis industry are attributed to employee theft*. So you'll need to vet the people you're hiring with references, extensive criminal background checks and take the time to make sure you're hiring the right person which takes up considerable time and money from your business. And even then there's no guarantee your vetted, well-referenced employees won't steal from you anyway. Being around all of that cash is extremely tempting for even the most honest employees. Accepting cards that will deposit funds directly into your bank account alleviates all of the hassle and cost for your Cannabis Business as well as create more loyal customers with the convenience it provides for them.


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