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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Processing Questions

How Are You Able To Offer Legal Debit/Credit Card Processing With Standard Retail Rates?


Our processing platform uses a  point-of-banking ATM terminal which is no different than the ATM machine in your shop that customers get cash from to purchase your products. The transaction registers as a cash withdrawal, it's perfectly legal and gives your customers the convenience of paying for their purchases at the counter just the same as cash. 


What are the advantages of using cashless ATM processing platform for your Cannabis Business?

Debit & Credit card transactions on average are 38% higher than cash transactions at Cannabis Businesses, so your customers will spend more using their card than when using cash. If you're using an ATM machine at your Cannabis Business, you're asking your customers to wait in 2 lines as opposed to the convenience of paying with a point-of-sale terminal using their card at the time of purchase.

Why is accepting cash more expensive than accepting cards for my Cannabis Business?

There are so many disadvantages to having a "Cash Only" Cannabis Business, not only involving cost but logistics and safety as well. Having an excessive amount of cash on hand automatically puts a big target on your shop for obvious reasons. The cost of safes, security systems & armed guards are exorbitant and eat up a large portion of your profits. Not to mention the cost of hiring employees to manage and handle your on-site cash.
90% of all losses in the Cannabis industry are attributed to employee theft*. So you'll need to vet the people you're hiring with references & extensive criminal background checks, making sure you're hiring the right person, which takes up considerable time and money from your business. And even then there's no guarantee your vetted, well-referenced employees won't steal from you anyway. Being around all of that cash is extremely tempting for even the most honest employees. Accepting cards that will deposit funds directly into your bank account alleviates all of the hassle and cost for your Cannabis Business as well as create more loyal customers with the convenience it provides for them.

Frequently Asked Marketing Questions

Why does my Cannabis Business need a website?

Bill Gates said "If your business isn't on the internet, you'll be out of business". Truer words have never been spoken. Your website is your online identity & the foundation for everything you will do, it's your online business card. Just having a WeedMaps and/or Leafly account isn't enough to grow your customer base, customers need to connect with your brand and your shop to become loyal, repeat visitors to your cannabis business. Your website is the beginning and the end for all of it.  The vast majority of Cannabis consumers will leave your listing & scroll down to the next business once they see that all you have is a free menu listing on WeedMaps and/or Leafly. 

Why does my Cannabis Business need  an optimized user-friendly website?

First impressions are EVERYTHING in digital marketing & 94% of first impressions relate to the design of your website.  If your Cannabis business doesn't have a site that's MOBILE-FRIENDLY (90% of your customers will be looking you up on their smartphones as opposed to desktop or laptop) & USER-FRIENDLY, with all of the features that your customers want for customer engagement, you'll lose them to your competitors that do. 

Why does my Cannabis Business need LOCAL SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?


Because of the restrictions in marketing for Cannabis & Cannabis related businesses (Google & Facebook don't allow any direct marketing of Cannabis products), SEO & Online Marketing are the top revenue-producing forms of marketing for the industry.  An organized well-executed SEO & Online Marketing strategy can consistently bring in new customers and create loyalty in your existing customers getting your cannabis business higher & skyrocketing your business to the next level and beyond. 

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